Pressure Washing 

With our new state of the art ground pounder the possibilities are endless, from some of the toughest surfaces in your home or business to those hard to get spots. No grime, dirt or stain will scape this heavy artillery machine. Some of its features include:

  • 180 degree of heat to kill bacteria and sanitize
  • Adjustable pressure settings for all surfaces
  • cold or steam options for special care applications
  • Side washing gun prevents lines left by standard water pressure hoses 

Seal 'n Lock System

Fully licensed on the Seal 'n Lock System has given us the advantage to deal with some of the most persistent issues when it comes to pavers and their durability while keeping away from toxic solvents and pursuing our eco friendly moto.

Seal ‘n Lock has recognized the need for change within the interlocking paver and hardscape industry including sealing products and the application process. The increasing demand for water based products with low VOC’s, as an alternative to solvent based products, has generated a new technology “Seal ‘n Lock System”. Using American technology, and “State of the Art” products the biggest existing industry concerns have been addressed. Those concerns include pavers turning white, joint stabilization, and durability without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent based sealers.